Autumn Health

Mullum Herbals Autumn Health

Welcome to Autumn. I love this time of year, the skies are clearer, the mornings crisp and there is a spaciousness that lifts the spirit. Autumn Health It’s time to get warm and cosy and swap salad for more warm, nourishing foods. This is Vata season which brings dryness and more erratic tendencies. There is […]

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Maintaining Menstrual Harmony

Mullum Herbals Menstrual Harmony

There are times in a woman’s life when menstrual harmony may be disrupted. External and internal factors can effect hormone balance, manifesting in a range of symptoms. There are many ways in which the alternative practitioner can help restore balance. The naturopathic approach Every woman will present with her own particular story.  The naturopathic approach […]

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Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine has evolved with humankind Plants have been used for all manner of ailments throughout the ages. Many systems have been used to determine what herbal medicine should be used for what. The signature doctorius maintains that all plants are endowed with physical markers that indicate their traditional use. For example, Shepherd’s Purse has […]

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cleansing mullum herbals

Cleansing is, for most of us, a simple and easy way to regain or enhance our level of health. From the basic Ayurvedic cleansing practice of regularly sipping plain hot water, to the deeper, month-long, arise and shine, “clean-me-out” cleanse – there is a cleanse to suit any body type and state of health. Often […]

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First Aid

First Aid - Mullum Herbals

First aid for yourself and your family The ability to provide basic first aid for yourself and your family and friends, is comforting and extremely valuable. Some remedies that may help can be purchased as a collection in one of our convenient herbal first aid kits or bought individually to add to your existing stock. […]

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homeopathy mullum herbals

The word homoeopathy comes from the Greek words homos (similar) and pathos (suffering). Homeopathic remedies are prepared from minute amounts of an active ingredient, that when given in large doses can create an illness. The minute homeopathic doses have been so diluted that there is no danger in giving the remedy. Samuel Hahnemann, a German […]

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