Bugs on the Roof

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Mullum Herbals Blastocystis Hominis Rain

Our region is the home of many bugs and parasites that plague the local community. Leading the charge for the public enemy #1 mantle is the gut bug, Blastocystis hominis. Blastocystis Hominis I have been involved in natural health care in this area for 24 years and the negative health ramifications associated with blasto has been constant and unabating throughout … Read More

Why Cleanse?

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cleanse mullum herbals

Many Naturopaths believe that fasting and cleansing are the most powerful tools available for improving health and vitality. This view has been extensively ratified by modern medical research and has been an enduring health practice for many societies during the ages, animals even do it. Cleansing Components At Mullum Herbals we have studied a number of cleansing regimes and compiled … Read More

Mental Health and the Microbiome

Mullumbimby HerbalsCondition specific treatments for at home treatments, Mullum Health Raves

Mental Health and the Microbiome Mullum Herbals

The Gut Microbiome – critical for systemic health Current research is validating the long held naturopathic premise that our gut flora is critical for good health.  Sections of the scientific community are now saying that the microbiome is possibly the most important factor in health and disease. To me, the connections between mental health and the microbiome are perhaps the … Read More

Gluten – The Story

Mullumbimby HerbalsCondition specific treatments for at home treatments, Mullum Health Raves

Gluten - Mullum Herbals

What is Gluten? Gluten is the substance in wheat, spelt, barley and rye that gives breads containing it the capacity to rise and a chewy stretchy texture. This substance is comprised of several complex proteins, to which many people are allergic or sensitive. Sensitivity Celiac disease is the most severe case of gluten sensitivity. In this instance these proteins cause damage to … Read More

Medicinal Weeds – Old Man’s Beard & Chickweed

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Medicinal Weeds Mullum Herbals

More Medicinal Weeds In a previous article we shared the anti-microbial properties of medicinal weeds – Farmer’s Friends (Bidens sp.), and Sida (Sida sp.). Another broad acting anti-microbial ‘weed’ commonly found in this area is the Old Man’s Beard (Usnea sp.). This is the greeny/grey lichen which sweeps down from the branches of sparsely leaved trees. Old Man’s Beard Old … Read More

Weeds or Medicines?

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Echinacea Herbal Medicine Mullum Herbals

Medical herbalists prize rare exotic plants that possess amazing healing properties. Some notable herbal medicine examples include Golden Seal, Echinacea, Coptis, Rhodiola and Reishi. While these plants warrant the reputation they have, there are also local plants considered pesky weeds that are undiscovered healing gems, often specific for treating local health issues. We love locally grown herbs and foods, so … Read More

Arise & Shine Cleanses

Mullumbimby HerbalsCondition specific treatments for at home treatments, Mullum Health Raves

Mullum Herbs Cleanse

What does a cleanse involve? With a cleanse there are usually components such as herbs, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes (ie stopping sugar, alcohol, coffee…). The consultation is to assess where your current  health is, and then to be able to advise an individualised program for you. For some people it is not appropriate to fast, whereas for others this … Read More

Autumn Health

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Mullum Herbals Autumn Health

Welcome to Autumn. I love this time of year, the skies are clearer, the mornings crisp and there is a spaciousness that lifts the spirit. Autumn Health It’s time to get warm and cosy and swap salad for more warm, nourishing foods. This is Vata season which brings dryness and more erratic tendencies. There is higher impact upon our nervous … Read More

Maintaining Menstrual Harmony

Mullumbimby HerbalsCondition specific treatments for at home treatments, Mullum Health Raves

Mullum Herbals Menstrual Harmony

There are times in a woman’s life when menstrual harmony may be disrupted. External and internal factors can effect hormone balance, manifesting in a range of symptoms. There are many ways in which the alternative practitioner can help restore balance. The naturopathic approach Every woman will present with her own particular story.  The naturopathic approach is to treat the individual. … Read More