All Things Herbal Medicine

Mullum Herbals and Brunswick River Herbals are primarily over-the-counter natural health services, stocking an extensive range of high-grade herbal and naturopathic medicines.

Our staff are all qualified naturopaths offering professional health care and product advice. Full naturopathic consultations are also offered by experienced practitioners.

We believe that health is the wealth that everyone deserves, and that includes our planet Earth.

Our practice embodies traditional naturopathic principles combined with current research and integrative medical innovations. We keep abreast of the abundant information coming from biomedical, nutritional and natural products research, and we are happy to see the increasing scientific underpinnings in areas of traditional naturopathic practice – such as fasting, lifestyle medicine, nutritional science, phytomedicine, the gut and the microbiome.

There has also been a vast increase in supplement availability, and we stay informed of new innovations and products. At the same time, we maintain a reverence for the plants we work with. We love our herbs! Our customers trust our integrity and we have a responsibility to provide the best products and services possible.

Our Products

We pride ourselves on the quality of the herbal tinctures, creams, teas and other products that we produce. We source our raw herbs from the best quality sources that we can find, and always choose organic and Australian when possible. We manufacture most of our own tinctures using traditional and time-tested techniques as well as incorporating the latest and most effective extraction techniques. For our other products, we choose suppliers who have a demonstrated commitment to quality and ethics. We also stock high quality affordable essential oils, homeopathics, and the famous Mullum Herbals Easy Cleanse package. You can view some of our products in our Online Shop.

Our Story, Our Roots

Mullumbimby Herbals began as the vision of Annette Morgan and Val Iwaszko in 1994 and opened its doors in the old Poinciana Café building in 1996 (now Flock cafe). The intention was to supply affordable naturopathic healthcare to the local community in the ancient apothecary style of herbal medicine. We wanted to offer a free over-the-counter health advice service, funded by the sale of high-quality herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Naturopathic consultations were offered for clients with more complicated heath issues. This is still predominately how we serve the community today.

After three years, the business moved to its current location on Stuart St to accommodate our growing needs. Over these busy years, local naturopaths Elvian and Jacinta became partners, and Annette stepped out for many years to commit to her roles in the academic environment, including research and lecturing at Southern Cross University. Mullum Herbals has grown to be a business of twelve qualified naturopaths, who are all dedicated to serving the wonderful community we are part of. We would like to thank Elvian and Jacinta for all their hard work in helping shape what Mullum Herbals is today. Having left Mullum Herbals in 2020, we wish them well in their future endeavors.

In 2020, we opened a second shopfront in Brunswick Heads called Brunswick River Herbals. With the Northern Rivers growing and our humble Mullum Herbals store as busy as ever, we feel this expansion will help us to continue to serve the community in providing high quality over-the-counter natural health services.

Community is important to us and over the years Mullum Herbals has mentored a stream of naturopathic students seeking to gain front line health care experience. Some of these students have become long term employees of the business after graduating. We have wonderful, committed and qualified staff who bring a wide variety of skills to the business, and it is an honour to serve alongside them.