Why Cleanse?

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Many Naturopaths believe that fasting and cleansing are the most powerful tools available for improving health and vitality. This view has been extensively ratified by modern medical research and has been an enduring health practice for many societies during the ages, animals even do it.

Cleansing Components

At Mullum Herbals we have studied a number of cleansing regimes and compiled an approach which supports body systems while accelerating detoxification. Our system is also very flexible in intensity and can be used as a health tune up right through to a radically health improving major detox. The best way to understand this is to describe the components of the Mullum Herbals Easy Cleanse and how they work.

  1. Restricted Diet – This eliminates elements of the modern diet which impact negatively on our health and burden our detoxification systems, such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and gluten. Foods that people are prone to be sensitive or allergic to are also removed. This includes dairy and wheat. For a cleanse to be effective calorie restriction is necessary, this frees up the body’s resources to act upon pathologies. The less food consumed during a cleanse, the more powerful will be the effects.
  2. Psyllium and Bentonite Shake – The bentonite clay draws toxins into the bowel from the system. This then frees the lymph system to be more effective in detoxification. The psyllium acts like a broom to sweep this debris from the intestines.
  3. Probiotics help recolonise the bowel with healthy bacteria. Psyllium acts as a prebiotic here encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria.
  4. Chlorophyll is high in magnesium which supports the nervous system, and chlorophyll which also aids in liver, skin and organ detoxification.
  5. Detox Herb mix has herbs that support liver, kidney, lymphatics, bowel and skin detoxification systems. All these symptoms are under increased stress during a cleanse and the herbs enable them to cope with the increased load. Supplementary practices such as dry skin brushing, steam baths, oiling, massage and saunas further enhance detoxification.
  6. Minerals are essential for a myriad of biochemical reactions in the body. These also support detoxification and healing.
  7. Tongue Scraping removes toxins and also stimulates digestion and absorption.

How long do I cleanse for?

The cleanse period is usually 2 weeks and after this time the ‘cleansed’ will generally have more energy, a clearer complexion, improved mental clarity, better mood and have lost at least several kilos. Many other health benefits can be bestowed by the cleanse such as improved bowel function, cessation of bloating, lowered blood pressure, cessation of headaches, improved periods, strengthened immunity… the list goes on. Techniques which purport to measure cell biological age demonstrate the anti-aging effects of cleansing.

An isolated cleanse has definite health benefits, however incorporating cleansing as a regular health practice does have an enduring positive effect on health, vitality and longevity.

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash