Autumn Health

Mullum Herbals Autumn Health

Welcome to Autumn.

I love this time of year, the skies are clearer, the mornings crisp and there is a spaciousness that lifts the spirit.

Autumn Health

It’s time to get warm and cosy and swap salad for more warm, nourishing foods. This is Vata season which brings dryness and more erratic tendencies. There is higher impact upon our nervous system and our eliminations in particular. Self oiling with warm black sesame oil is ideal right now. Love yourself up with this deeply penetrating and vata balancing oil.  It helps to release tryptophan when you apply it to your skin, so enhances the production of feel good hormones and well as lubricating the whole system and balancing vata.

Vata Excess

Vata excess can slow digestion, absorption and elimination so pay more attention to good digestion right now too. Constipation occurs when the Vata qualities of dryness, cold and hardness increase within us. To counter balance this we need more fibre in the diet, and plenty of pure water, friendly oils and warming exercise. Favour warming foods. Include lots of cooked vegetables and warm drinks (however not too much coffee and tea due to their diuretic and drying nature). Eat plenty of fresh ripe fruit. Try Kitchari or mung dahl with ghee. Avoid cold foods and drinks, keep your salad and bean intake to a minimum.

Don’t drink much with foods, sit and relax with eating, and try a digestive tonic if you are a little dry or constipated. Triphala is a renowned Ayurvedic digestive tonic and is ideal in Autumn. Take ½ teaspoon or a few ml’s before meals and/or before bed.

Drink warm herbal teas and eat a warm and nourishing breakfast such as oats or quinoa with cooked pears or apples and ghee and milk. A good Immune boosting tonic is ideal right now so pop in and talk to us at Mullumbimby Herbals, 79 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby – and we can individualise one for you and your family.


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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash