Arise & Shine Cleanses

Mullum Herbs Cleanse

What does a cleanse involve?

With a cleanse there are usually components such as herbs, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes (ie stopping sugar, alcohol, coffee…).

The consultation is to assess where your current  health is, and then to be able to advise an individualised program for you.

For some people it is not appropriate to fast, whereas for others this is ideal.

Many people can cleanse and still work, but again it depends on your work, and on how deep a cleanse you are interested in.

The full Arise and Shine Cleanse takes a month and usually does involve fasting, herbs, shakes (which include bentonite, and psyllium), chlorophyll, and minerals. But we also offer shorter easier cleanses too , like our Mullum Herbals Easy Cleanse which is a 2 week cleanse. And Jacinta also offers an Ayurvedic Cleanse which again is tailored to your individual needs..

Mullum Herbals team