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The word homoeopathy comes from the Greek words homos (similar) and pathos (suffering).

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from minute amounts of an active ingredient, that when given in large doses can create an illness. The minute homeopathic doses have been so diluted that there is no danger in giving the remedy.

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, (1755-1843), first discovered this healing modality. James Tyler Kent an American physician, refined and popularised homeopathy. Over the last 200 hundred years homeopathy has been used in many countries as a complementary medicine.
The whole person is supported in homeopathy. The spirit, mind emotions and physical body are all taken into account when choosing a remedy. It is best to see a practitioner, for a constitutional remedy (a remedy that is suited to specifically you.)

How can Homeopathy be used?

Homeopathy may be used very effectively in an acute situation. For example in a fall, where a person has; shock and bruising, Arnica, in a diluted homeopathic form may reduce the shock.  Mullumbimby Herbals stocks these acute remedies and a full range of more obscure remedies. We also offer a variety of first aid kits.

Photo by Chungkuk Bae on Unsplash