First Aid

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The ability to provide basic first aid for yourself and your family and friends, is comforting and extremely valuable. Some remedies that may help can be purchased as a collection in one of our convenient herbal first aid kits or bought individually to add to your existing stock.Always sek medical attention for medical emergencies.
Simple home remedies
I (Jacinta) have been using simple home remedies as effective health treatments for over 30 years. My four sons have benefited from home health care, with a basis of wholesome nutrition, clean water and fresh air. First aid needs common sense and much can be achieved with items that you may have in your kitchen or garden. The following are some of my most used and best loved remedies. Of course if any condition is serious then please seek experienced medical aid.
Potato poultice for sprains, swellings and burns
One of my favorites is the potato poultice. Again and again a simple poultice of raw grated potato has brought down severe swellings and relieved the heat of burns. For sprains and strains or any swollen joints it is amazing. It is also soothing and healing on burns (use after cooling with water) and often prevents scarring.
Instructions: Grate a clean raw potato into mush. Apply directly to the affected area. Hold it there with plastic wrap and/or bandage. Leave on for about 1 hour. Re-apply if necessary.
Dragons Blood for cuts, scratches and grazes
Wash cuts, scratches and grazes under softly running clean water. Then assess how bad the problem is. If it is minor, pat dry and apply a few drops of Dragons Blood. Dragons Blood (Daemomorops Draco) may be used as a “liquid bandage” – once it dries it seals the area to prevent any bacteria getting in through the open skin. If the wound is still bleeding then stop the flow with a band aid or a bandage. If it is swollen, try a potato poultice.
Arnica for Shock
If any injury is more serious give the patient a dose of homeoepathic Arnica first (externally on the top of the head or on the wrists,while seeking aid. Be re-assuring. Keep shocked people warm and stop any bleeding.
Arnica in a honeopathic form can also be used for any situation involving bruises, bumps, muscular sprains and aches, fractures or if the patient is distressed or shocked.
For more information on particular homoeopathic remedies useful for first aid see our homeopathic list.
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