We spring clean our homes: it makes sense also to spring cleanse our bodies and minds.

For a simple effective cleanse we have developed the Mullumbimby Herbals Easy Cleanse, an easy to follow two week cleanse, suitable for most body types. Click here for more details.

Mullumbimby Herbals also offers cleanse programs tailored to the individual, the seasons and the time available for cleansing. We have the ‘Arise and Shine’ month long cleanse, the organic essiac cleanse, as well as Ayurvedic based cleanses. We now stock organic Triphala, an important Ayurvedic cleansing herb mix.

Along with our cleanses we provide full support from our team of experienced naturopaths. Locally and long distance via phone and internet, we guide you towards the best possible cleanse outcome of enhanced health and awareness on all levels.

An initial cleanse consultation/assessment will cost $70. Additional costs may include some or all of the following as recommended in your assessment: Herbs in dried, encapsulated and/or tincture form, bentonite in powder or liquid form, psyllium (organic), slippery elm, alkaliser – herbal mix in powder or dried form, cleanse guides or books, tongue scrapers and/or nasya oil.

We also have various other cleanse aids, like Tongue scrapers, Netti pots, Nasya oil, Skin Brushes and Herbal De-Tox teas for every body system.

We have separated the cleanse kits into their type or name of the cleanse, however if you would to make your own look in “Indivdual Cleanse Products.” This contains everything you would need to create your own personalised Cleanse Kit based on your experience of detoxification.

If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact us.