Lemon Scented Gum Essential Oil


Lemon Scented Gum Essential Oil


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Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum essential oil is probably Australia’s most invigorating essential oil. It should be used very sparingly as it is very powerful while also lemony, fresh and invigorating. Use in an oil burner or vaporiser.

Botanical name  Corymbia citriodora (formerly Eucalyptus citriodora)                       


100% v/v pure essential oil of Lemon Scented Gum.


A very strong, fresh, invigorating lemon aroma.


It is a good air purifier, deodoriser and can assist in detering small pests, energising, invigorating.


In an oil burner, vaporiser, air purifier, air freshener, potpourri, bath, vacuum cloth bag or sauna. Good for easing breathing. Add to insect repellents. Use to scent draw liners and to help repel cockroaches and silverfish.


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