Kunzea Essential Oil


Kunzea Essential Oil


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Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea essential oil is probably Australia’s next essential oil wonder.
Our Kunzea essential oil has many remarkable properties.

Its properties have been highly mentioned and promoted by world renown aromatherapist Dr Daniel Peneol.
Kunzea is great for irritated red spots on the skin, is a known antiseptic, and it is fantastic for tired joints and muscles.

Unlike the strong medicinal scent of Tea Tree oil, the aroma of Kunzea is very pleasant and it’s often described as symbolising ‘the smell of the Australian bush!’

Botanical name  Kunzea ambigua                                                         

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Kunzea ambigua essential oil.


A pleasant and fresh aroma with some spicy undertones, carrying the scent of the Australian bush.


Amazing for the quick and soothing relief it gives to tired muscles and joints.
It’s great for dry, flaking and itchy skin.
Kunzea essential oil can also offer relief from stress, anxiety, nervous tension and mental exhaustion.

Kunzea Essential Oil Uses 

A small drop or 2 can be added directly onto the skin for tired muscles or joints.
You can also use it in an oil burner, vaporiser, bath, massage oil, spa, saunas, potpourri and room deodorisers.

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