Fragonia Essential Oil


Fragonia Essential Oil


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Fragonia Essential Oil

Fragonia essential oil is one of Australia’s newest and greatest essential oils, and is unique, with 3 distinct yet equal components. It is incredible to relax with, it is calming and is great for emotional stress.

Fragonia essential oil is also good for tired joints or muscles. It really is an essential oil you must have in your collection.

Botanical name  Agonis Fragrans                                                          

Ingredients 100% v/v pure Fragonia essential oil.


Fragonia essential oil is unique with three equally balanced aromas. These three oil components help to align both emotions and mind. Fragonia essential oil has a delicate and pleasantly perfumed aroma with a freshness brought about by its uniquely harmonised blend.


Fragonia essential oil has powerful balancing properties, calming, freeing of stress, freeing past emotional problems and blockages, makes peace on the inside, lifting of grief, tranquillity, decrease anxiety, the calming qualities can also assist tired muscles.

The essential oil is gentle on the skin. It can help overcome jet lag or shift-work body clock issues.

Fragonia essential oil also freshens the air in a room or environment. It is also prized for its anti-bacterial qualities.

Fragonia Essential Oil Uses 

In an oil burner, vaporiser, potpourri, meditation, room freshener, massage oil and baths. Use as an attractive perfume fragrance.

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