Boronia 3% in Jojoba Essential Oil


Boronia 3% in Jojoba Essential Oil


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3% Essential Oil



Boronia 3% Absolute in Jojoba Oil

Boronia 3% Absolute is a classic, rich, flowery, woody perfume. There are also fruit undertones in the aroma which make it fresh as well as earthy and woody. It is ideal to use as a natural perfume. A drop on the finger and then applied to the desired area.

Botanical name  Boronia megastigma

Ingredients 3% v/v pure Boronia Absolute (distilled by non chlorinated solvent extraction of the flowers and leaves) in a Jojoba oil (97%) base.

Boronia 3% Absolute Aroma

Flowery, woody aroma, with fruity undertones.

Boronia 3% Absolute Benefits

Uplifting, refreshing, energising.

Boronia 3% Absolute Uses

Use as a perfumes, it is quite rich and long lasting.

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