Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil


Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil


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Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil

We offer the highest quality Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil in the world. Our beautiful and aromatic Sandalwood oil is sourced from a special population of Sandalwood tress in a particular part of Western Australia. The oil has a beautiful effect on people. Essentially Australia’s wonderful Sandalwood supply is 100% managed and sourced by indigenous Australians.

Botanical name  Santalum spicatum                                                    

Ingredients 100% v/v pure  Australian Sandalwood essential oil. (Santalum spicatum essential oil)


The aroma of our Australian Sandalwood essential oil is smooth, fragrant, sweet, earthy and woody.
Pleasant for men, women and children. (More pleasant than traditional Indian Sandalwood oil, Santalum album).


A relaxing, grounding and calming essential oil, it also improves mental clarity and stills the mind. It also aids in sleeping and meditation.

Another surprising Sandalwood essential oil benefit is its value as a gentle aphrodisiac.

Australian Sandalwood oil benefits include being prized for its anti-bacterial qualities. Sandalwood oil can also benefit the troubled red skin of teenagers.


Use this beautiful oil in a diffuser, oil burner, vaporiser, perfume fixative or base, potpourri, in your massage oil or a bath.

Sandalwood oil can also be used in anti ageing skin formulations and skin creams; a small amount applied directly onto teenagers troubled skin to help alleviate redness.

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