Arise and Shine Cleanse – Master Phase


Complete Arise and Shine Cleanse for 1 week of the Master Phase

This will take you through the fourth and final phase of the Arise and Shine Cleanse – the Master Phase

It has everything you need for one week, including:

– Bentonite Clay

– Psyllium Powder

– Herbal Nutrition and Chomper (Please choose whether you would like the herbs in liquid, powder or capsule form)

– Colloidal Minerals

– Floragrow (Probiotics)

– Chlorophyll

Instructions will be sent to you regarding dosage for this phase.

We recommend you have this cleanse individualised for you by one of our experienced naturopaths. For some people at some stages it is important to modify this cleanse.  In order to receive support with the cleanse protocol you will require a half hour consult ($55) either in person or via skype.  Book now via email or call us on (02) 6684 3002

The Arise and Shine Cleanse Book “Cleanse and Purify Thyself” is also available for purchase.

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