Arise and Shine Cleanse

The ultimate in whole body cleansing.

The Arise and Shine Cleanse is a month long program. It is quite thorough in it’s detoxification of the body, the depth of this cleanse requires commitment to the whole 4 week program.

Ideally a Naturopathic consult that takes into account your individual body constitution,age, current state of health, etc would make this cleanse specific to your health needs. However this is not 100% necessary.

We have the herbal nutrition and chomper available in three forms – liquid, powder and capsules.

For those that have done the cleanse before we now have one week packages to purchase so you can create your own Arise and Shine cleanse specific to which phases you would like to do and for how long.

If you require additional cleansing products please see our Individual Cleanse Products page.


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